Explain Everything is joining Promethean!

Today we’re announcing that Explain Everything, a leading digital whiteboard platform, will merge with Promethean. We are excited to share the news with our customers, administrators, and all of the […]

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Discover the ActivPanel for Higher Education

Higher Education institutions across the US are deploying interactive education technology to inspire innovative learning and collaboration in and out of the classroom. Discover how Promethean’s ActivPanel can support student […]

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Promethean explains: Edtech that doesn’t blow the budget 

While schools recognize the value of education technology in the classroom, their budgets are stretched across multiple strategic priorities. As a result, they are increasingly looking to make investments with […]

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A Social-Emotional Learning Strategy

Contents: What is social-emotional learning? Differentiated learning for self-awareness and mindfulness Social awareness and emotional intelligence Reflective learning Collaboration and classroom community The benefits of social-emotional learning Schools have typically […]

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The Future of Education Predictions report

The Future of Education Predictions report

The education landscape has always seen change, but recent years have seen seismic shifts that are leading educators to question every aspect of their profession, likely more than at any […]

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What's Next: The Future of Education

Modern Learning Guide

In our “What’s Next: The Future of Education” Modern Learning Guide, explore modern learning practices that are designed to support student collaboration and social-emotional learning in the classroom. As we […]

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students working on a interactive panel in the classroom

Lee County scores big with its edtech upgrade by boldly embracing change

Change is never easy, especially when switching from the products and brands we know and trust to something unfamiliar. Whether it’s going from Colgate to Crest, white bread to whole […]

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speaker talking to audience

3 strategic considerations for school leaders

School strategy setting is a complex task for school leaders. It requires balancing a fundamental set of school needs — baseline attainment, budgets, stakeholders, and government policies — with the […]

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teacher delivering hybrid learning lesson to students

Is hybrid learning still a strategic priority?

Hybrid learning has been hanging over education, shaping strategy and defining lesson delivery — so much so that educators wondered whether it’d subside. While schools largely feel more prepared for […]

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students working on laptops in the classroom

Alone, together – has teaching become more than providing an education?

Student maturity has always been an interest of teachers, but usually refers to a studious, conscientious work ethic. However, after a period of lockdown and isolation, educators are more aware […]

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students working on laptop in classroom

Keeping up momentum

While IT directors have been tackling digital inequity, many teachers have felt overburdened by the challenges of remote teaching and tech access issues. It’s been uncertain whether they still see […]

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student raising hand in the classroom

What makes a supportive school post-pandemic?

After schools’ objectives were derailed by the disruption of lockdown, they’ve reviewed what’s most important about a student’s education. Is it nurturing their growth in a safe environment? Or securing […]

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Innovative classroom

Ron Clark Academy helps lead the world’s edtech revolution

Ron Clark Academy (RCA) in Southeast Atlanta is possibly the most famous middle school in America. Some people know RCA because of its high-profile donors—from Coca-Cola to Delta to Oprah […]

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Teacher and students interacting with other students on a screen

How to build classroom culture across modalities

Classroom Culture Matters Positive classroom culture is foundational to academic success and students’ social emotional learning (SEL); students thrive in a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment. But fostering a classroom […]

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Infographic of the future of classroom design

Imagining new ways of designing classrooms with a core focus on student learning and engagement.

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In the midst of tragedy, a school district finds hope

If there’s anyone able to see the silver linings amidst tragedy, it’s Frank Cambas. As the technology director for Jefferson Parish Schools in Louisiana, he was there to help pick […]

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The ultimate guide to student engagement

Dive into the tips, tricks, and best practices of how educators can keep students engaged across all learning environments.

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Students touching camera device in classroom

Driving engagement through student-led learning

Putting students in the driver’s seat Students are more academically engaged when they are empowered to direct their own learning experience. Student-led learning is centered on active student inquiry and […]

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child writing in notebook in classroom

Setting district growth goals for student engagement

How can schools benefit from setting goals for student engagement? While schools are committed to ensuring that their students are engaged, few schools set formal goals around student engagement. Setting […]

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man talking into headset smiling

3 ways IT leaders can support student engagement

While we often consider student engagement to be the responsibility of teachers and principals, as education technology proliferates, IT administrators play an increasingly important role. In 2020, we saw IT […]

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How to engage students in a hybrid learning class

While the recent changes within education have been rapid, it has not been easy for teachers to focus on student engagement, which remains a critical part of student success. Hybrid […]

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students working on assignments in the classroom

Hybrid & blended learning guide

This guide touches upon blended learning and hybrid learning modalities and considerations school districts may use to adopt newer forms of learning. In addition, this guide will provide specifics related […]

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Learning from the pandemic: Steps to take to lessen the “summer” slide

The COVID-19 pandemic created unparalleled disruption in worldwide education systems. Schools shut their doors and moved lesson delivery online, forcing educators and students alike to adapt, often without the necessary […]

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students using technology in the classroom

Five steps to tech implementation success from schools

The education industry puts a high premium on student engagement and innovative, technology-based learning methods. However, a recent survey of nearly 1,000 education professionals points to a number of barriers […]

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